Bouncy Basket: Trick Shot King ios

Bouncy Basket: Trick Shot King ios Luan Ha
リリース日:2017-07-25 無料


Experience amazing world of fantasy basketball with just your thumb. Easy to pick up, simple concepts, but wide range of possibilities to discover.

You tap on the screen to make the ball bounce. The ball will follow the hoop and loop horizontally through screen's edges. Your main goal is to basket as much as possible. Depends on how you make the basket, score detector will detect and reward you with Trick Shot. Pull off from 2 Trick Shots in a row to get more and more bonus score.

Each mode has its own additional rules. Currently we have 4 modes as follows but there many more to come in the near future.
- Arcade mode: after the first basket, you have only limited time before the next one. Make it or the game will be over!
- Time mode: you have a limited total game time. Plan your strategy (basket as many as possible or pull of Trick Shots to get huge bonus score,...) wisely to get the best score.
- Wind mode: like Arcade mode but with wind. Wind causes significant changes in how the ball bounces. And even wind changes frequently how it affects the ball. Prepare your versatility!
- Practice mode: is where you can play with most freedom. There is punishment but also your score won't be recorded. Use this mode to experiment with the wildest ideas you come up with! There are even more cool settings coming.

At the end of a game, if you've been doing well you will be offered Second chance, you can refuse and finish the game right away or take it by watching a short video and then continue playing.

We take the fact that the game plays differently in different devices into account so we created an algorithm inside the game to detect device's specifications and adjust the difficulty accordingly to make sure you will have fun and fair competitions with friends.

Beside the default ball you have after install the game, you can unlock many other different looking balls, either by Coin or In-app purchase. If you unlock the balls using In-app purchase you can restore them anytime in any other devices you own. After a certain number of balls are unlocked, a new Court will be available to play.

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