BoopaJoop : Fun 3D Platformer ios

BoopaJoop : Fun 3D Platformer ios Lupimedia Ltd
リリース日:2019-06-14 無料


BoopaJoop is a fun and exciting 3D challenge game designed to test your accuracy, nerve and reaction time. Complete the courses in as few jumps as possible, in as quick a time as possible to maximise your stars.

Have you got what it takes to Boop your Joop? Our chapters introduce fun 3D platformer challenges along the way...

Chapter 1: Master your jump direction, speed and angle across challenging courses.

Chapter 2: Take on the slick and don't slip off whatever you do!

Chapter 3: Avoid the spikes at all cost

Keep falling off? Place flags along the way to respawn on tricky levels!

A fun casual game that will have you entertained for hours.

More chapters and levels will be added very soon! Send us your ideas.

What are you waiting for? Get Booping.
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