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You, my hero, arise from sand and blood, you are the chosen one to defeat Jinne, the lord of demon, and bring peace to your people. Here you could become a legend hero, hack and slash to get drops, collect rare materials to craft powerful equipment, join guilds to fight battles, defeat Jinne to prove yourself!

Join the first and best ACTION MMORPG mobile game for Arab players today!!!

#Game Features:

3 Heroic Classes, Choose Your Own Legacy!
- Warrior, Janissaries and Mage. Each class has a different level of assigned attributes along with a unique skill.

Multiplayer Online Battles, Fight with Your Friends!
- Meet and socialize with other players while wandering the sand city, or while conducting less-dangerous business, like upgrading gear, crafting items, or forming groups for their next adventure.
- Join the guild to complete PVP quests and clash against other players in competitive battles.
- Rally up to 4 other players to fight side by side in cooperation-multiplayer mode.

Hack and Slash, Loot and Craft, Conquer Online!
- Attacks and slain foes are making the entire experience more satisfying. Amazing dropping and loot system makes you never want to stop. Little do you know, what you will get from next single tap.

Equip Wings and Summon Your Mercenary!
- Hundreds of Items and Equipment provides unrivalled character customization.
- Unlock legendary wings and watch them transform in battle to grant devastating power.
- Summon your Mercenary to help you in the battle whatever it's PVP or PVE.

Endless Trials, Defeat the Boss!
- Daily quests not only provide you with a fresh map but allow you to collect rare materials to craft powerful equipment.
- Weekly Events give you the chance to prove yourself as you fight the boss and unlock exclusive gears in the game.
- Seasonal Challenges add completely unexpected twists to your adventure but offer unique rewards for success.
- Climb the ranks as you take down challenges so everyone will recognise your warrior's legacy! You’ll earn mighty rewards along the way.

Exclusive Control Experience On Mobile!
- Discover the casual controls that make amazing combat moves easily accessible to anyone.
- Special game engine built from the ground up to maximize performance on mobile. Unleash devastating skills and chain massive combos with optimized Touch controls.

Download Resurrection of Heroes today, join the adventure, explore the thrilling fantasy world of the epic MMORPG game, anytime from anywhere!!!


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