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BackRow ios Liam Cain
リリース日:2014-02-26 無料


A turn-based game where friends or complete strangers work together to write a story, context not included.

Join a room with friends or people nearby and take turns adding a few sentences to the story. The catch? You can only see the second half of what the last person wrote. Yep, you get no other context. You're on your own. When you’re done, just leave the room. After EVERYONE has left, you can read the story that you wrote together.

I’ll start: “ONCE UPON A TIME…”

• Free!
• Awesome banner advertisements! (okay, they’re kinda lame. Sorry about that.)
• Turn-based gameplay
• Play with people nearby
• Play with your Facebook friends


“Okay. 8/10" — My mom

"You should add quotes to the end of the description. It will make it look more professional. 9/10" — Bryan Rockwood, My Roommate

“No, don’t quote me in your app description. 7/10" — Bryan Rockwood, Again
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