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Swivvy! ios Liam Cain
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Swivvy is an incredibly unique puzzle game. On the most basic level, you draw out a pattern for you puck to slide along, trying to collect as many points as you can. But there is so much more. Swivvy comes with 3 different game modes:

1. Multiplayer
You and a friend are bored. The conversation is running dry. You could run out of things to talk about at any minute. If only there was something for the two of you to play that you could just pull out of your pocket. If only...
Swivvy's multiplayer mode is a passive, turn-based game so it's perfect for casually passing the time with someone. With virtually no learning curve, there's nothing in the way between you and pure, addictive fun.

2. Puzzle (Alone)
Okay, maybe you're looking for a bit of a challenge. This mode presents you a list of levels each with a simple challenge: get a certain number of points with the specified number of turns. Easy, right? Maybe… Just be careful where you aim.

3. Compete
Solving puzzles are fun and all, but what's the point of putting a limit on the imagination? If you ever play a game and think, "what if they did it like this?", here's your chance to show it. In this mode, you get to build your own levels. Yep. You have everything you need to make 'em. Here comes to cool part. After you build a level, you can sent it directly to your friends on their devices. That's right, Swivvy uses Game Center so you can challenge your friends anywhere.

For those of you who read this far, I don't know what else to say that will dazzle you. Maybe I should mention that there's pretty colors, slick animations, and intuitive gestures. So, yep. That's about it... Are you sold yet?
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