Layme ios

Layme ios Alexander Gordyuk
リリース日:2013-10-27 \120


Help Layme to free his space farm, using the magic laser.

Layme comes back from business trip and, unfortunately, finds out that his space farm is captured! Piracy machines are stealing impudently his crystals
which grew for decades! Using special devices and directing the magic laser, help Layme to clear his farm from malicious aggressors!
Each level requires logical thinking and good eye estimation.

Key features:
- Colorful graphics
- Lovely and, at the same time, brutal character
- The innovative gameplay improving an eye estimation of the player
- Amazing animation
- Unusual space technical devices
- Constant free updates with new levels and animations

Better works with iPod touch 5th generation; iPad 2 and newer; iPhone 4s and newer.
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