Surfer Snap Killer Shark Jaws over south Bikini Beach paranoia free ios

Surfer Snap Killer Shark Jaws over south Bikini Beach paranoia free ios AppgevityLLC
リリース日:2014-09-13 無料


If you’ve always wanted to play in the Surfing Avtar, than this is the game for you. This is to the Party for ever where you try your luck with the Waves and Sharks, imagine surfing on a shark infested water at the beach.

You're not afraid of them Sharks right? But get ready for the best surfing, shark infested game ever! The goal is simple, don' t let those scary fish get you!

- Easy game controls
- Surfer Snap is a simple survival game
- Cool background music!
- Really Amazing Graphics!
- You can purchase more coins to help you level up.
We integrated Surfer Snap to Game Center and Facebook. You can challenge your friends to an awesome game of Surfer Snap and see who gets the highest score! Bragging rights!
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