Castle Crushers ios

Castle Crushers ios Avalanche Games
リリース日:2014-05-01 無料


---Defend and upgrade your castle to defeat the toughest enemies!---
Play our first release, Castle Crushers.
Free-to-play multi-player and single-player arcade game.
Battle your friends or anyone around the world for the top rank.

---Lots of Content, FOR FREE!---
96 Frustratingly unique challenges.
Tonnes of upgrades.
Three difficulty modes in single-player.

---Future Planned Updates!---
More game modes.
More types of ammo.
Higher level upgrades.
Castle skins.

② Select Singleplayer.
③ Select vs AI or Challenges.
④ Select the difficulty or type and start playing!

② Select Multiplayer.
③ Either choose to play as guest or register an account to become the top player in the world!
④ To start a server, Click "Start Server", choose a valid name and click start.
⑤ Wait for a someone to join and then start playing!
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