Tropical Heaven Bingo ios

Tropical Heaven Bingo ios Liah Vearen
リリース日:2015-03-10 無料


Tropical Heaven Bingo - welcome to the world of bingo games! If you have a lack of adrenalin and want to make your life more risky, you should definitely try our new casino simulator game - Tropical Heaven Bingo!

Try to become the best in this addictive luck game! Are you ready to try your luck and accept a bingo challenge? Reach a high score in this exciting bingo caller app for every board game geek.

Play bingo and enjoy colorful graphics of this popular time killer. Forget about card games, spider solitaire and cardboard apps. Use daily bonus rationally, buy new cards and be the first player who will win bingo!

You will definitely adore the sweet design of this addictive game for kids and adults. First of all, you get a card with numbers. Then you'll see balls on the screen. If numbers on a ball and on your card are equal, tap on the card. The first player who gets all respective numbers in a row wins the game. It's time to test your intuition and intelligent skills in one of the best bingo games offline! Show everyone that you are the best player, but don't cheat!

Tropical Heaven Bingo features:
Mature artificial opponents;
Statistics showing your progress;
Funny sounds as soundtrack;
Bingo game offline with realistic HD graphics;
Simple registration and easy-to-use control.
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