Puzzle Quest For Toddler ios

Puzzle Quest For Toddler ios Liah Vearen
リリース日:2015-07-08 無料


Proudly present you the new exciting puzzle game for your baby – Puzzle Quest For Toddler! It is a great app for your child to develop logic and thinking capabilities! Match the objects to their shadows and have fun!

How to play: There are no complicated rules in app Puzzle Quest For Toddler, just match 4 pictures to the image of their shadow. Pics are themed in several groups like fruits, cars, toys etc. After matching four pictures you proceed to next level.

Puzzle Quest For Toddler features:

- Great game to develop logic!
- Simple gameplay designed for babies!
- Cute cartoon-styled graphics!
- Develop your kid’s thinking!

Try the learning app Puzzle Quest For Toddler and enjoy your baby’s smile! Improve your child’s logic and brain capabilities!
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