MAD POLICE - レースゲーム ios

MAD POLICE - レースゲーム ios Lev Solovyev
リリース日:2015-12-31 無料


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The mean streets are controlled by a group of street racers that are causing chaos on th road. Drive the fastest police cars and chase down these speed freaks who just don't know when to stop and have no regards for human life, so help the good people of the city by apprehending these crazy drivers.

Jump in on a supercharged squad car and feel the speed!

This is an exciting racing game full of challenges, strong sense of controlling, and the realistic environment! If you like racing, then this is the game for you!!

Choose from the fastest police cruisers in the world and fulfill your racing urge, then chase and put down your competitors driving supercharged engines.

Game Features:

- Stunning 2D graphics
- Run for the best police cars
- Special upgrades
- Game Center integrated for more fun


Although you get to drive as fast as you want, it does not mean that it will be easy, enemy racing machines will also chase you down and try to make you crash and there will also be obstacles waiting for you down the road to cause you major problems.

Avoid all the obstacles and pass as many cars as you can to be the street racing hero!
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