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Sekiro - Basic Information on Skills

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Basic information on skills in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Basic Information on Sekiro's Skills

Using Skill Points to Learn Skills

Skills are obtained by accumulating skill experience and by using skill points. Acquiring skills is one of Sekiro's main features.

Skill Points

Skill Experience and Money are halved upon death. However, skill experience points are not lost when the Skill Experience Gauge is full or when the skill points have already been used. You only need to be careful of the skill experience in the gauge.

About Skill Trees

How to Unlock Skill Trees

Esoteric Texts

You can unlock new skill trees by obtaining Esoteric Texts. It is essential to obtain these to improve your performance in battle.

Click here to learn how to obtain Esoteric Texts

Skill Tree Structure

The skill tree is arranged so that the upper tree containing offensive skills while the lower one contains defensive skills.

Fastest Method to Unlock a Skill Tree

  1. Progress through the main story until you reach the Sculptor's Idol in Hirata Estate.
  2. Talk to the Sculptor in the Dilapidated Temple and obtain the Shinobi Esoteric Text.
  3. Once you get the text, you will be able to learn skills from the Shinobi skill tree.

Recommended Skills Chart

Useful Skills for the main story.

Recommended Skill Order

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