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Sekiro - Posture System

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A guide on the Posture System in Sekiro, including ways to raise and lower posture stress.

Posture System

About Posture

Posture Gauge

The Posture Gauge is found at the top and bottom of the screen. The enemy's is at the top and the player's is at the bottom. The enemy's Posture Gauge can also be seen under their health bar.

Enemy Posture

When the enemy's Posture Gauge is full and its effects are visible, they can be taken down with Shinobi Deathblows.

Player Posture

When your own Posture Gauge is full, you will lose control and make mistakes. Always watch your Posture Gauge during battle.

Posture Recovery Methods

Your Posture Gauge recovers automatically over time as does your enemy's. Recovering Posture takes more time the less HP you have. Even if your Posture Gauge builds up to full and leaves you vulnerable to attacks, you can still perform evasive actions to stay alive.

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Raising Posture Stress

How to Raise Posture Stress
・Dealing melee damage
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Melee attacks are the only way to raise an enemy's Posture Stress. Ranged attacks will not.
・An enemy guards a melee attack
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A small amount of stress is accumulated whenever a melee attack is blocked. This is not the case for ranged attacks.
・Blocking enemy attacks.
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If you continually guard enemy attacks, your Posture stress will dramatically rise. The default button for guarding is L1.

How to Build up Posture Stress Efficiently

Parry and Cut Back

If you perform a Parry to guard against an enemy's attack, you can greatly build up the enemy's Posture Stress. In addition, you can efficiently add more Posture Stress with Cut Back, performed by attacking immediately after Parrying.

You will not be able to perform a successful parry just by mashing the L1 button. Focus on timing the parry correctly to deflect the attack.

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