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Basic information on Shinobi Prosthetic Tools in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Basic Information on Shinobi Prosthetic Tools

Weapons to Aid in Combat

Shinobi Prosthetic Tools are auxiliary weapons that offer players unique moves in battle while equipped within their prosthetic arm. Many enemies in the game would be very difficult to defeat without these special items.

Obtain from the Sculptor Busshi

After obtaining the Shinobi Prosthetic Arm, you can create the tools by talking to the Sculptor Busshi. Do not forget to equip the Tool from the Menu after creating it.

Consuming Spirit Emblems to Use Tools

To use Shinobi Prosthetic Tools, you'll need to use Spirit Emblems. These can be picked up after defeating enemies or found in various areas throughout the game.

Shinobi Prosthetic Tools List

1Loaded Shuriken
(Consumes 1 Spirit Emblem)
Inflicts HP and Posture damage. Effective against flying enemies. Can kill dogs in a single hit.
2Loaded Axe
(Consumes 2 Spirit Emblems)
Can destroy enemy shields.
3Spring-load Axe
(Consumes 2 Spirit Emblems)
Can destroy enemy shields. Allows you to perform additional attacks.
4Loaded Spear
(Consumes 1 Spirit Emblem)
Distance attack. Light enemies are pulled toward you. Allows you to tear the armor off of heavy enemies.
(Consumes 1 Spirit Emblem)
Can poison enemies.
6Loaded Umbrella
(Consumes 1 Spirit Emblem)
Blocks attacks from all directions expect low attacks.
7Shinobi Firecracker
(Consumes 2 Spirit Emblems)
Damages enemies within a certain range. Effective against beasts like the Blazing Bull.
8Flame Vent
(Consumes 3 Spirit Emblems)
Shoots flames to deal fire damage and inflict burns.
9Mist Raven
(Consumes 2 Spirit Emblems)
Disappear into a cloud of feathers when attacked by an enemy.
10Divine Abduction
(Consumes 3 Spirit Emblems)
Used in Kotaro's Quest

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