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Sekiro - Treasure Carp Scale Items

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List of items obtainable from exchanging Treasure Carp Scales in Sekiro, including locations of Pot Noble Harunaga.

About Exchangeable Items In Sekiro

Exchange Treasure Carp Scales with Pot Noble Harunaga

When you talk to the Pot Noble Harunaga, you will be able to exchange Scales for various items.

How to Get Treasure Carp Scales

Scales are obtained from Treasure Carp. These are found in the water.

Click here for all Treasure Carp Locations!

How to Find the Pot Noble Harunaga

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Pot Noble Harunaga

Pot Noble Harunaga's Place of Appearance

Items obtained from Pot Noble Harunaga

Dragon's Blood Droplet1Restores HP and cures conditions.
Withered Red Gourd2Reduces Burn build up and slightly increases Burn resistance.
Mask Fragment: Right7
Floating Passage Text5Unlocks the Floating Passage Combat Art.

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