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Sekiro - Recommended Spirit Emblem Farming Method

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A guide on farming Spirit Emblems in Sekiro, including the best area to accumulate them before facing a boss.

About Farming Spirit Emblems

Challenge a Boss with Max Spirit Emblems

When fighting a boss or any strong opponent, you will need a large amount of Spirit Emblems to use Shinobi Prosthetic Tools.

So before going to a boss fight, go to an area where it is easy to farm Spirit Emblems. Keep in mind that it is important to battle bosses and strong opponents when your Spirit Emblems are at maximum.

Respawning Enemies

When resting at a Sculptor's Idol, the enemies in the surrounding area will be revived. Use the opportunity to farm Spirit Emblems.

Recommended Area to farm Spirit Emblems

Haruna Castle Residential Area

Haruna Castle Residential Area・Tiger Mouth Stairs

Haruna Castle allows you to farm Spirit Emblems from the enemies found on the castle's lower tiger mouth stairs. You will almost certainly get two Spirit Emblems from each troop there, allowing you to get an average of six per run.

Tiger Mouth Stairs Route

Defeat two soldiers in front of the Red Demon.
Defeat the soldier with a cylinder on the opposite side of the Red Demon. (Get Two Spirit Emblems.)
Jump down the cliff and kill the enemy below.
Use the grappling hook to get up and kill the enemies in front of the gate.
Kill the soldier under the bridge.
Use a Homeward Idol to return to the Sculptor's Idol near the tiger mouth stairs and rest.

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