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Sekiro - Permanent Events

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A summary of permanent events and choices in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Permanent Events in Sekiro

Experience and Money are Lost on Death

If you refuse or fail to "Perform a Rebirth," you will die and respawn at the last save point. Sekiro loses half of his accumulated experience and money in the process. These cannot be recovered afterward.

You Cannot Befriend an Aggressive NPC

NPCs can be attacked. If you attack a character multiple times, they will become hostile. However, players have a bit of leeway in case of accidents, as only attacking an NPC a single time by mistake won't immediately turn them hostile.

After an NPC has become hostile, you will no longer have access to any events or services involving that character, so be careful.

If you miss a Treasure Carp, will it still appear in the same area?

■About Treasure Carps that don't reappear

If you already obtained a Treasure Carp Scale from a Treasure Carp, it will no longer appear in the area.

Even if you restart the game, move to another area and come back, use the Sculptor's Idol, or any other method of revival, the Treasure Carp will not respawn.

■Treasure Carps reappear in the Feeding Ground

Missed Treasure Carps will appear at the Feeding Ground in the Flooded Palace. You can encounter around 10 of them here.

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