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Sekiro - NPC List

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A list of NPCs Sekiro encounters and engages in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

NPC List

Name of NPCLocationAssistance
The Sculptor Front Area of Ara-Ji Temple Prosthetic Arm Improvement
Emma the Physician Inside Ara-Ji Temple Healing and Healing Items
Immortal Hanbei Outside Ara-Ji Temple Combat Tutorial
Toraguchi Merchant Near the Toraguchi stairs in the Castle Trade coins for leaked information and tips.
Battlefield Memorial Mob Near Shiroshita Otemon Buy and Sell Items
Abadoned Prisoner Jail Entrance Buy and Sell Items
Blackhat Badger Stationed near the relic in Ara-Ji Temple Buy and Sell Items
Tengu of Ashina Ashina Outskirts (after defeating Gyoubu Oniwa) and Great Serpent Shrine (via Ashina Castle Walkthrough) Rewards the Ashina Esoteric Text and Mushin Esoteric Text
Fujioka the Info Broker Ashina Castle (right side) and Dilapidated Temple Buy and Sell Items
Nogami Gensai Hirata State Assists you in battle.
Jinzaemon Kumano Ashina Reservoir Gives you Lumps of Fat Wax.
Kotaro Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo and Illusion Hall (after receiving White Pinwheel) Gives you Taro Persimmon, Store upgrade for Anayama, 3x Lumps of Wax.
Old Woman Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo To be confirmed.
Divine Child of Rejuvenation Near the Sculptor's Idol in the Senpou Temple Gives you Rice.
Toxic Memorial Mob Near the Sunken Valley Buy and Sell items.
Dungeon Memorial Mob Ashina Castle: Abandoned Dungeon Entrance Buy and Sell items.

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