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Sekiro - Recommended Skill Order

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Summary of recommended Skills in Sekiro and the suggested order in which to acquire them.

About Skill Order

Below are Skills we recommend when playing Sekiro. Players who are unsure of which Skills to get should prioritize the ones described here as they progress through the game's main story.

How to Obtain Esoteric Texts

Recommended Skill Order

Recommended Shinobi Skills (Beginning Stages)

The Skill Breath of Life: Light allows you to recover HP upon performing a Shinobi Deathblow. The 8 Skill Points are required to unlock it.

SkillDetails (Required Skill Points)
WhirlwindA spinning slash that damages surrounding enemies. (1)

SkillDetails (Required Skill Points)
Shinobi' Karma: BodyIncreases the number of Spirit Emblems that can be held (2)

SkillDetails(Required Skill Points to Unlock)
Breath of Life: LightRecovers HP upon a successful Shinobi Deathblow. (5)

Recommended Shinobi Prosthetic Skills

After collecting a certain number of Shinobi Prosthetic Tools, the Sculptor will give you the Shinobi Prosthetic Esoteric Text. This allows you to learn skills that focus on your artificial arm. These can be learned at a Sculptor's Idol.

SkillDetails (Required Skill Points)
Grappling Hook AttackLaunches yourself at an enemy with the grappling hook. (1)

※The Grappling Hook Attack is effective against Gyoubu Oniwa.

SkillDetails (Required Skill Points)
Emma's Medicine: PotencyIncreases the healing effect of recovery items. (4)

SkillDetails (Required Skill Points)
Emma's Medicine: AromaIncreases the healing effect of recovery items. (5)
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Recommended Ashina Skills

After completing the Tengu's Quest in Ashina Castle, you will be rewarded with the Ashina Esoteric Text. This unlocks the Ashina Skill Tree and the Skill Flowing Water at a low total cost of 6 Skill Points. Obtain this before Breath of Nature: Light.

SkillDetails(Required Skill Points)
IchimonjiSteps forward to perform an upward slash. (2)

SkillDetails (Required Skill Points)
Ascending CarpIncreases Posture damage after deflecting an attack. (2)

SkillDetails (Required Skill Points)
Flowing WaterReduces Posture damage when attacked by an enemy with a sword. (3)

Recommended Temple Skills

You will obtain the Senpou Esoteric Texts at the Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo.

SkillDetails (Required Skill Points)
Praying StrikesPerforms rapid elbow and palm strikes. (2)

SkillDetails (Required Skill Points)
Virtuous DeedMoney earned and item drop rate increases. (3)

SkillDetails(Required Skill Points)
Most Virtuous DeedMoney earned and item drop rates increase. (4)

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