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Sekiro - Characters List

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A list of characters from Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice. Included is their background information.

Sekiro - Characters List

Main Protagonist

Sekiro, The One-Armed Wolf
The main protagonist of the game. Sekiro aims to capture and protect "The Divine Heir".

Non-Playable Characters

Kuro, The Divine Heir
A descendant of the Haruna Clan, an ancient bloodline that Sekiro must protect. Due to his bloodline, he is captured by the enemy Ashina Clan.
An elder Buddhist monk who also has a missing arm and stays in the dilapidated Ara-Ji Temple. He was the one who gave the prosthetic arm to Sekiro.
Emma, The Physician
Also stays in the dilapidated Ara-Ji Temple together with The Sculptor. She assists Sekiro when it comes to healing his wounds.
The foster parent of Sekiro. He is a former shinobi who no longer serves a feudal lord.

Main Antagonist

Genichiro Ashina, Clan Commander
The leading commander of the Ashina clan and an illegitimate son from the Haruna Clan. Ashina Isshin, the founder of the Ashina clan, took care of him when he was young the same way Owl took care of Sekiro. He captured "The Divine Heir" to make use of his ancient bloodline and powers as political leverage.

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