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Sekiro - How to Unlock Hard Mode

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A guide on how to unlock hard mode in a first playthrough of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

About Hard Mode in Sekiro

After clearing Sekiro for the first time and continuing from your save data, it is expected that Hard Mode will be available.

How to Unlock Hard Mode During the First Playthrough

Ring the Bell at Mt. Kongo

Sekiro allows you to activate Hard Mode temporarily during the first playthrough. The procedure is listed below.

■How to Activate Hard Mode in the First Playthrough

If you ring the bell near the Sculptor's Idol in the hall at Senpou Temple, you will activate Hard Mode. You will also obtain the Bell Demon Spirit.
Enemies in hard mode are stronger and have higher item drop rates.
To deactivate hard mode, use the Bell Demon Spirit obtained after ringing the bell.

Details Activating Hard Mode using the Bell

■Hard Mode will not Deactivate at a Sculptor's Idol

Hard Mode will not turn off, even if you rest at a Sculptor's Idol. You can tell if you are in hard mode by the Red Bell Demon Mark that appears below your HP Gauge.

■Turning Hard Mode Off

Advancing through the main story can be very challenging in hard mode. Use the Bell Demon Spirit when things get too rough.

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