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Sekiro - Basic System Mechanics

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Sekiro - Basic System Mechanics


Both the player and enemies have a "posture gauge." This can be raised by parrying attacks or regularly attacking. The higher the bar, the more off balance the character is. Once the gauge is high enough, they can be slain with an instant kill.

Alert Level

This marker indicates how alert an enemy is to the player. If the sign above an enemy is gray or yellow, it is easier to deal an instant kill attack.

GreyBeginning to notice peculiar movements
YellowLooking for the player
RedEngaging in combat

Sculptor's Idol

Similar to the bonfire in the Dark Souls series, the Sculptor's Idol can be used to recover health and act as a checkpoint.


A system where the hero can resurrect himself by consuming a gauge filled up by defeating enemies. Resurrection can be done at any time, so use this mechanic strategically.

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