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Sekiro - Boss Strategy and Guide List

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Basic Boss Strategy

Decide on an Attack Method

Bosses and mini-bosses usually have large HP pools. This can make killing them difficult. Alternatively, you can deplete their posture gauge to take them out with a deathblow.

Building Posture Stress

Although taking out their HP is possible, it is generally hard to take the bosses down head-on. It is more important to increase their posture gauge than to damage their HP.

Performing Deathblows

Most boss battles require you to deal deathblows more than once. This is done when you manage to strike them at an opportune moment, usually when their Posture gauge is filled. Hitting them with a deathblow will deal significant damage.

Increasing Posture Stress

The following two methods are means for dealing posture damage:

  • Parrying a boss' attacks.
  • Guarding the boss' attacks

As the posture gauge accumulates less when attacks land, attacking with a hit-and-run strategy will increase the boss' posture gauge rather slowly. Sekiro has various ways to approach fights, be it through dodging or parrying attacks.

Boss Guide List

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