Sekiro - Useful Rare Items to Obtain

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A list of useful rare items in Sekiro, including Prayer Beads, Battle Memories, Treasure Carp Scales, and Gourd Seeds.

About Rare Items

There are several useful rare items in Sekiro that are difficult to obtain. Here are some of the useful items that you should collect.

Useful Rare Items

ItemEffects / Details
Prayer BeadsCollecting four Prayer Beads and offer them at a Sculptor's Idol will increase your vitality, your maximum HP, and your posture.
Battle Memoryf you offer them at a Sculptor's Idol, your attack power will increase.
Treasure Carp ScaleIf you obtain Treasure Carp Scales, you can exchange them for rare items.
Gourd SeedYou can increase the number of Healing Gourd uses available to you If you give gourd seeds to Emma Yakushi.
Dancing Dragon Mask FragmentsYou can get Dancing Dragon Mask Fragments from three different locations. Collect all three fragments to get the Dancing Dragon Mask that allows you to raise your Attack Power using Skill Points at a Sculptor's Idol.

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