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Sekiro - Dragonrot and Unseen Aid

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Basic Information on Dragonrot and Unseen Aid in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

About Dragonrot

Getting Dragonrot

Dragonrot is a disease that infects people around Sekiro each time he revives himself.

Effects of Dragonrot

If the player regularly dies and revives, more people around him will get infected with Dragonrot. This causes the chances of receiving Unseen Aid to decrease.

Rot Essence

Rot Essence is an item that is automatically added to your inventory every time a person is infected with Dragonrot. The probability of activating Unseen Aid lowers as you gather more Rot Essence.

How to Cure Dragonrot

Get the Recovery Charm from Emma

In order for Emma to treat Dragonrot, you will need to blood from any NPC afflicted with the condition. Get the blood by talking to the NPC and delivering it to Emma. Emma will begin her investigation on how to cure Dragonrot. She will then give you the Recovery Charm that lets you cure Dragonrot using Dragon's Blood Droplets at the Sculptor's Idol.

Use Dragon's Blood Droplet

You can treat Dragonrot by using Dragon's Blood Droplet. It is a valuable item that can be purchased from the shop at a high price.

How to Get Dragon's Blood Droplets

As mentioned, Dragon's Blood Droplets can be purchased from the shop for a high price. Be careful not to sell any if you have not treated Dragonrot at least once.

About Unseen Aid

Negate Death Penalties

Unseen Aid protects you from losing skill experience and money on death.

Triggering Unseen Aid

Unseen Aid is random. The more Rot Essence you carry, the less frequently Unseen Aid will occur.

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