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Sculptors Idol

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A guide on the Sculptor's Idol, including different functions that you can do with it in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice.

Sculptor's Idol


A Buddha Sculpture with a Bonfire on Top

Sekiro can do various activities e unlock a Sculptor's Idol. One hi is that he can replenishing his Vitality. Also, e his cn take items fro storage puto th nto tor. Additionally, the Sculptor Idol serve as Sekiro's last respawn point when he dies.

Sculptor's Idol Functions


When Sekiro sits the Sculptor's Idol, his health will be restore.

Resurrection System Gourd Seed Locations

Purchase Shinobi Prosthetic Items for Upgrades

Another function of the Sculptor Idol is to allow you to purchase and process your items for Shinobi Prosthetic upgrades.

Shinobi Prosthetic Tools List

Idol Warp

The Sculptor Idol allows you to warp to other Sculptor Idols you encountered previously.

Acquiring Skills

The Sculptor Idol gives you skill points that you can be used to unlock more skills and skill Trees in the game.

Basic Information on Skills

Vitality Upgrades

The Idol provides Sekiro opportunities to upgrade his itality and osture through Prayer Beads

Basic Information on Vitality Posture System Prayer Beads Location

Attack Power Enhancement

Th Idol can also provides Sekiro additional ttack ower in the game with the help of Battle Memories.

Basic Information on Attack Power Battle Memory Locations

Game Mechanics

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