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Sekiro - Tips for Battle

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Summary of some helpful tips for battle in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, including important points on defeating enemies.

Tips for Battle

Fight Enemies One-on-One

In Sekiro, it is important to be aware of how many enemies you are facing and the timing of each's appearance. Try to be aware of their position when they are attacking, eliminate those that can be dealt with in advance using stealth kills, and engage enemies one-on-one as often as possible, especially against strong foes.

Base Strategies around Guarding

Fight Cautiously

In Sekiro, guarding can negate any attack. After the enemy has finished attacking, retaliate with one or two strikes of your own. This is the basis of combat, even against stronger enemies.

If the enemy guards, even just once, stop attacking and wait for them to attack. You won't be able to land any hits against even the weakest of enemies while they are guarding.

Combat in Turns

Though Sekiro is an action game, its combat mechanics can almost feel like a turn-based game. Think and observe your opponent's actions while waiting for an opportunity to kill them.

Methods to raise the enemy's Posture Stress

Build Up Posture Stress through Parrying

If you deflect an enemy's attack with L1 at the right time, you will perform a Parry that builds up Posture stress on the enemy without accumulating any yourself.

Counterattack after Parrying

If you attack immediately after performing a Parry, as explained in the last paragraph, you will perform a Cut Back that will heavily build Posture stress on your foe.

How Posture Stress Accumulates in Enemies

Important elements in a smooth battle

Raising the enemy's Posture stress before killing them with a Shinobi Deathblow is the most distinctive feature of combat in Sekiro. Regardless of if you are facing normal enemies, strong foes, or even bosses, the only way to consistently win in battle is to aim for raising the target's Posture stress.

Method to Accumulate Posture Stress Against Bosses

First, steadily reduce the boss' HP. If the boss' HP is too high, you will not be able to deal enough Posture damage before they recover.
The boss' Posture recovery speed will significantly decrease after it reaches half health. This is the time to focus on breaking its Posture by parrying.
When the boss' Posture breaks, you will be able to perform a Shinobi Deathblow. Bosses can require multiple Deathblows before they are defeated.

Avoiding Posture Stress Buildup

If you lose Posture, you can perform a Rolling Advance to avoid enemy attacks. You can also avoid boss attacks this way.

Defeat Enemies using Abandonment

Abandonment is a timed forward step to avoid an enemy's attack. If you time it successfully, you can perform a Shinobi Deathblow afterward. This is especially effective against enemy Spearmen.

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