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A list of walkthroughs for Sekiro. Click on a chapter for a guide to clearing the game and obtaining all items

Walkthrough List

Story Summary

In the time of warring states..

Beyond the snowy pass, there is the country of Ashina.

"Kenjo" (literally "Sword Saint") Isshin Ashina is a warrior from the northern province who conquered the country in a single generation,

However, Ashina was in danger of extinction.

Ashina no Sho, a grandchild of Isshin, was worried about the situation and secretly told his own troops.

"There is no longer a way to defend our name from the hand."

"I need that prince now."

That prince became a prisoner.

It is said that, though he is a prince, he has no relatives.

He has no family, no vassals.

Except for one ninja.

This is the story of a lone servant and his master.

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