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Sekiro - Avoiding Dangerous Attacks

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Tips to avoid Dangerous Attacks from the enemies in Sekiro. Included are Chained Ogre and Hanbei the Undying.

About Dangerous Attacks

About Dangerous Attacks

Avoiding Dangerous Attacks is avoiding enemy attacks that are marked with the "Danger" symbol. Being hit with a Dangerous Attack will cause a lot of Posture Stress.

Tips on Avoiding Dangerous Attacks

Knowledge on Enemy Attacks

In Sekiro, each enemy has a different set of attacks. However, each attack has a distinct tell You can refer to the information below to identify various enemies' attacks based on their unique motions. Described below are those for Hanbei the Undying and Chained Ogre.


※In the case of Chained Ogre

Characteristics of Chained Ogre's Grab

Chained Ogre's Grab starts with the boss holding up its arms before stretching forward and grabbing the target.

Counterplay for Grab

Time your dodge for when the boss begins to spread its arms.

Mid-Step Stab

▲If you aim to parry the attack, aim for when the sword tip is pointing forward

※In the case of Hanbei the Undying

Characteristics of Hanbei the Undying's Mid-Step Stab

This Dangerous Attack is a sword strike after Hanbei holds up his weapon.

Counterplay for Mid-Step Stab

You can guard or parry after Hanbei holds his sword up and goes for the stab,

Low Attack

※In the case of Hanbei the Undying

Characteristics of Hanbei the Undying's Low Attack

The low attack begins as Hanbei holds his sword low and his feet slide away.

Counterplay for Lower Attack

The low attack can't be guarded, so jump or avoid it by dashing.

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