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Sekiro - Shinobi Ninjutsu List

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Summary of information on Shinobi Ninjutsu in Sekiro, including basic information on Shinobi Deathblow techniques.

Basic Information on Sekiro Shinobi Deathblows and Ninjutsu Techniques

■Activated by performing Shinobi Deathblows from behind an enemy

When you kill enemies from behind with Shinobi Deathblows, you will be able to perform a follow-up Ninjutsu technique by pressing the R1 button.

List of Shinobi Ninjutsu in Sekiro

NinjutsuSpirit Emblem CostDetails
Bloodsmoke6【How to Obtain】
Defeat Genichiro Ashina
Creates a smokescreen using the blood of a slain enemy.

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