Sekiro - Kuro, The Divine Heir Character Info

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Character information for The Divine Heir, a non-playable character in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


Kuro, The Divine Heir Character Information

The Haruna Clan Descendant

Kuro, The Divine Heir belongs to an ancient bloodline of the Haruna Clan. Being an heir to the clan secluded him from common people. Thus, his life was very lonely.

As a young lord, he has Sekiro at his side to protect him for everything. In one night, however, his protector was defeated and lost his arm to Genichiro Ashina. A man named Koichiro then took Kuro as a hostage for political leverage.

Kuro, the Divine Heir Quest Items

Items Obtainable from Kuro, the Divine Heir


After defeating Genichiro Ashina the, approach Kuro and ask about "Flowers". Sekiro will get Notes of Kouka afterward.

■Immortal Blade

After defeating the Folding Screen Monkeys, Sekiro can obtain the Immortal Blade from Kuro

Immortal Blade (Fushigiri) Weapon Information

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