Sekiro - Genichiro Ashina Boss Guide

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Strategy guide for Genichiro Ashina in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Genichiro Ashina

Required Deathblow Markers3
RewardMemory: Genichiro Ashina, Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu
AppearanceAshina Castle


Make sure Sekiro has learned the Mid-air Deflection Shinobi Art before fighting Genichiro. If you don't have this skill, then you won't be able to deflect the powerful Lightning Slash attack.

1st HP Bar Strategy

  • Genichiro will always start with a long-range bow attack followed by a rolling strike. Parry the rolling strike.

  • Your best chance to attack is after he jumps. Try to avoid his jumping attacks by dodging or jumping yourself. You will then have a chance to counter.

↑Jump attacks can be parried or avoided.

↑If you can't parry the attack, you can perform a back step instead.

  • If you continue to attack two or three more times, Genichiro may parry. After parrying, he will slash you, so do your best to dodge before he finishes the attack motion.

↑If the boss parries, the sparks that appear will be larger than usual. Remember to press the L1 button to change to your left hand.

↑The timings for his attacks are easy to memorize. Practice memorizing his strikes and his Posture gauge will be easier to break through parrying.

  • Genichiro will perform several sword slashes after swinging his sword to the side to charge. If you can parry this attacks, his Posture gauge will completely fill, but the timing can be difficult to master. He will continue performing slashes even after you parry the first three.

↑His position when he prepares the rapid strikes.

↑Memorize the attack pattern and time your parries to fill up his Posture gauge.

  • If he shoots an arrow, it is best to block it instead of trying to parry, since he may use it several times.

2nd HP Bar

  • His moves are the same as before, but the chances of him performing jumping attacks are much higher.

↑If he twists his torso to perform a sweeping attack, avoid it by jumping then launch a counterattack.

  • It is possible for you to more quickly build Genichiro's Posture gauge by parrying his attacks. However, if you attack two or three more times, he will parry the slashes.

3rd HP Bar Strategy

  • Most of his attacks can be avoided with a side dash. If he gets close, avoid his strikes by jumping. It is easy to counter most of his moves, except the Lightning Slash attack.

↑Avoid him before the lightning attack comes.

  • Jump, parry, and counter-attack when Genichiro Ashina attacks with lightning. If you succeed, the boss will be stunned for a period. If you fail, then Sekiro will be the one paralyzed.

↑Genichiro also has a lightning arrow attack. You can parry this by pressing L1 then R1

↑Jump when he is in this motion

↑A successful deflection!

  • Don't forget to get close to him after he gets hit by lightning. Attack continuously while he is paralyzed.

↑The chance to get close to him as he is in Shock.

  • Take note that you need to deal 2 Deathblows to kill Genichiro Ashina.


Strategy for 1st and 2nd HP Bar
Genichiro thrusts his blade towards Sekiro. The boss often performs this move after a jumping attack (1st HP Bar.)
Low Sweeping Slash
Twists his torso to perform a sweeping attack.
Genichiro uses this attack at close range. Because its range is narrow, it can easily be avoided.
Grasp Attack
A grab attack that deals heavy damage.
ArrowGenichiro shoots an arrow at a high speed. Can be avoided using sidestep, but blocking is more effective.
Four ArrowsThe boss jumps and shoots four arrows consecutively. Blocking is recommended.
Jump SlashGenichiro jumps and strikes vertically while landing. Is often followed up with the perilous thrust attack.
Continuous StrikesGenichiro swings his sword to his side to charge and performs several sword slashes afterward.
Moves for the 3rd HP Bar
Grasp Attack
Another powerful grab move that deals heavy damage.
Jumping Thrust
Genichiro thrusts his sword at Sekiro mid-air.
Lightning Slash
The boss charges his blade with lightning and performs a vertical slash. Has a wide range.
Lightning Arrow
Genichiro imbues an arrow with lightning and shoots it towards Sekiro.

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