Sekiro - Corrupted Monk Boss Guide

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Information and strategy guide on the Corrupted Monk, a boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Corrupted Monk


Number of Deathblow Markers 3
Rewards None
Appearance Ashina Castle Gounds


1st HP Bar

  • After blocking the Corrupted Monk's normal attack, you have the opportunity to hit her up to three times. She will counter-attack if you strike more than three times.
  • You cannot parry her next attack when the Danger mark appears. Leap away from her instead.
  • The Corrupted Monk will take advantage of any time Sekiro has max posture stress and hit him on the knee.

2nd HP Bar

  • The bridge will become covered with fog. The corrupted monk will phase in and out to attack you.
  • It is possible to avoid these attacks by continuously moving around.
  • Jump from one branch to another to avoid being hit by surprise.
  • Try to point your camera to the center of the bridge. If the boss is there, jump over and hit her from above.
  • Jump down near the monk and deal a killing blow to remove another HP bar.

3rd HP Bar

  • The Corrupted Monk's attacks will be more fluid and harder to predict than before.
  • Keep parrying her attacks while watching her swings. Also, be wary of her direct Naginata pierce.
  • If another fog appears, use the same strategy as before.


1st HP Bar
Swing UpCorrupted Monk will raise her blade and attempt to hit you from the right.
Swing DownCorrupted Monk will swing her blade and attempt to hit you from above.
Jump SmashCorrupted Monk will suddenly jump towards you and attempt to smash you with her blade.
2nd HP Bar
Fog GenerationThe Corrupted Monk will unleash a fog that will limit your visibility
Surprise Swing AttackThe Corrupted Monk will swing down her blade and attempt to hit you by surprise during the fog.
Three Consecutive AttacksThe Corrupted Monk will unleash three consecutive strikes simultaneously to the left and right.
3rd HP Bar
Spinning AttackAfter four blade swings, the Corrupted Monk will shake her weapon and attack with a full swing
Falling DownThe Corrupted Monk moves a distance while sweeping forward.

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