Sekiro - Kotaro

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Information on Kotaro, a non-playable character in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice


Location Condition Function
Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo and Illusion Hall (after receiving White Pinwheel) Appears at the start of the game Taro Persimmon, Store upgrade for Anayama, 3x Lumps of Wax


  1. Talk to Kotaro and pick "I Hear Crying Translation"
  2. Give White Pinwheel and Red & White Pinwheel

To Acquire Taro Persimmon

  • Acquire 'Pure White Flower' from Mt. Kongo and give back to Kotaro.

To Acquire Anayama Store Upgrade

  • Acquire a Red & White Pinwheel near the Shugendo Idol in Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo. Go back to Kotaro and give it to him. Make him go to Anayama to assist him.

Acquire Tree Lumps of Wax (Alternate Option to Store Upgrade)

  • Send Kotaro to the Abandoned Dungeon instead of helping Anayama. You will get Three Lumps of Wax and accomplish Doujun's quest.
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