Sekiro - Treasure Carp Locations

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A guide on where to find all Treasure Carp in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

About Treasure Carp Scales

How to Obtain

Treasure Carp Scales can be obtained from Treasure Carp

Exchanging the Scales for Items

You can exchange Treasure Carp Scales with Pot Noble Harunaga for rare items.

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Flooded Palace Feeding Ground

You can use Precious Bait at Flooded Palace's Feeding Ground by getting a bowl from the caretaker NPC. You can explore the bottom of the pond to find a large number of Treasure Carp.


Flooded Palace Feeding Ground
Give the Precious Bait to the caretaker and you will obtain Treasure Carp Scales for feeding the Great Colored Carp.

Bottom of the Feeding Ground
5 Treasure Carp Scales can be obtained.
Bottom of the Feeding Ground3 Treasure Carp Scales can be obtained.

Treasure Carp Scales Locations


Under the Hirata Estate Bridge
4 Treasure Carp Scales can be obtained near Pot Noble Harunaga.

Hirata Estate Bamboo Thicket Slope
Under the pier on top of the Bamboo Thicket slope.
Ashina Castle (During Shinobi Invasion)Castle basement (when you can dive underwater).
Mibu Village, Ashina DepthsYou can buy up to two for 500 Sen each from the Dungeon Memorial Mob merchant.

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