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Sekiro - Prayer Bead Locations

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A guide on where to obtain all Prayer Beads in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Prayer Beads


Collecting four Prayer Beads and offering them at a Sculptor's Idol will increase your maximum HP and Posture. This additionally improves your Posture recovery speed.

How to Obtain Prayer Beads

You can obtain Prayer Beads by defeating mini-bosses like Warlords with unique names.

Prayer Bead Locations

Area Details
Ashina Outskirts Defeat General Naomori Kawarada.
Ashina Outskirts Defeat Chained Ogre.
Ashina Outskirts Defeat General Tenzen Yamauchi.
Ashina Outskirts (Building Attic) Pass through the Battlefield Memorial Mob merchant NPC. Then, climb the interior of the building using the grappling hook where the Tengu of Ashina is also located.
Ashina Outskirts Defeat the Blazing Bull.
Hirata Estate Defeat Shinobi Hunter Enshin. He is located near a Sculptor’s Idol across the bridge.
Hirata Estate Defeat Juzo the Drunkard.
Hirata Estate Inside the audience chamber hidden room beside a portrait.
Ashina Castle (Moon View Tower) Defeat Lone Shadow Longswordsman.
Ashina Castle Defeat Seven Ashina Spears – Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi.
Ashina Castle Defeat Samurai General Kuranosuke Matsumoto.
Ashina Castle (Town Area) The area filled with Buddha statues beyond the fallen valley.
Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo Defeat Armored Warrior.
Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo Defeat Long-Armed Centipede Sen-Un.
Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo Bottom of a pond.
Sunken Valley Among the stone pyramid graves above a pair of riflemen.
Sunken Valley Defeat Snake Eyes Shirafuji.
Sunken Valley Defeat Long Arm Centipede Giraffe.
Sunken Valley (Gun For Cave Shrine) An area guarded by lesser enemies that can be reached via grappling hook.
Sunken Valley Go down the cave from the hole under the floor. It is found near the area where you can obtain the Divine Abduction Prosthetic Tool.
Sunken Valley Obtained in the Under-Shrine Valley.
Sunken Valley (Lower Area) Defeat Snake Eyes Shirahagi.
Ashina Depths Defeat another Snake Eyes Shirahagi.
Ashina Depths Top of a statue’s head past the fog gate of Snake Eyes Shirafuji before arriving at the Ape’s Den.
Ashina Depths Defeat Tokujiro the Glutton.
Ashina Depths Defeat Headless Guardian Ape boss. (Two Prayer Beads obtained.)
Ashina Depths (Mibu Village) Defeat Orin of the Water.
Ashina Depths (Mibu Village) A shrine surrounded by spirit emblems.
Ashina Depths (Mibu Village) Bottom of the lake.
Fountainhead Palace Defeat Sakura Bull of the Palace.
Fountainhead Palace Around the giant skeleton with glowing worms at the bottom of the Great Colored Carp Lake.
Fountainhead Palace Defeat Okami Leader Shizu

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