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Sekiro - Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo Walkthrough

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A walkthrough for Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo Walkthrough

Sculptor's Idol: Mt. Kongo

  1. Exit the door and go right. Talk to Kotaro and listen to his story.
    You will need to find a White Pinwheel to complete his sidequest.
  2. Go up the cliff and the steps to reach the temple.
    You can go past the monks by moving through the bushes and trees.
  3. When you arrive at the temple, use the grappling hook to get in.
  4. Go down the stairs and defeat the cudgel-wielding monk to get a Gourd Seed.
  5. Head to the front of the bridge and enter the cave on the left using the grappling hook to reach the Sculptor's Idol (Shugendo).

Sculptor's Idol: Shugendo

  1. Proceed along the path using the grappling hook and walk on the wooden platform. You'll also need to hang and move on the ledges to climb up.
  2. When you enter the next building, you will battle the Armored Warrior. You will obtain a Prayer Bead and the skill Breath of Nature: Shadow.
    You can drop down to the valley's bottom and perform a Shinobi Deathblow on a hidden wall.
    Armored Warrior Boss Guide
  3. Go ahead and access the Sculptor's Idol.

Detour Route

  1. Get the Red and White Pinwheel from the side of the cliff with many Buddha statues.
    This part leads to obtaining the White Pinwheel that can be given to Kotaro on Mt. Kongo.
  2. Drop down the cliff from where you obtained the Red and White Pinwheel.
    Look around for a wooden platform that you can jump onto.
  3. Climb the cliff using the wall kick to get the White Windmill.
  4. Remove the barrel and enter the building. You can head to the left of the building to reach the cave and battle Headless.
  5. Exit the building and access the Sculptor's Idol.
  6. You can ring the bell to unlock Hard Mode.
    Enemies are harder in this mode, but item drop rates will increase. It is better to ring the bell when you want to farm and collect materials from enemies. You can turn off Hard Mode by using the Bell Demon Spirit.

Sculptor's Idol: Temple Grounds

  1. Go down the stairs and the road will split into two. From here, make a right.
  2. Head to the bottom and get the Gourd Seed from the tree and back to the forked road.
  3. Go up to the roof and follow the path to the roof of the temple indicated by the garden. Get ready to battle Long-Arm Centipede to get a Prayer Bead.
    Long-Arm Centipede Boss Guide
  4. Jump over with the grappling hook and head outside.
    Use shuriken to take out the dogs that appear.
    You can take a shortcut by climbing the upper left cliff of the temple roof.
  5. Climb up the stairs.
    There are two large enemies on the stairs, but you can hide from in the bush to let them pass.
  6. Go inside the building and access the Sculptor's Idol from the main hall. Head outside and proceed to the underground passage.
    Ignore the enemy that appears and quickly make for the Sculptor's Idol first.
  7. Head to back of the cave and enter the small building to get the Senpou Esoteric Text.
  8. You can return to the main hall Sculptor's Idol using the grappling hook. Examine the bell there.
    How to advance from the Main Hall Sculptor's Idol in Senpou Temple
  9. After the event, you will obtain the Illusive Hall Bell and battle the Folding Screen Monkeys.
    ▶︎Read Folding Screen Monkeys Boss Guide!
  10. After defeating the Folding Screen Monkeys, you will obtain Memory: Screen Monkeys and Puppeteer Ninjutsu.

BOSS:Folding Screen Monkeys

  • You can learn about the characteristics of each monkey by talking to the boy at the starting point of the boss area.
  • The seeing and listening monkeys cannot be captured by chasing them.
  • The seeing monkey can be caught in the dark room, while the listening monkey can be caught in the waterfall area.
  • If you wait a while in the same spot, the invisible monkey will approach you from behind, giving you a chance to attack it.
  1. After defeating the Folding Screen Monkeys, access the Sculptor's Idol in the Inner Sanctum to obtain the Mortal Blade from the Child of Rejuvenation.
    ▶︎How to Obtain the Mortal Blade
  2. Go back to Ashina Castle and talk to the Divine Heir to show him the blade.
  3. Head to the Sunken Valley.
Sunken Valley Walkhrough

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