Sekiro - Sunken Valley Walkthrough

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A walkthrough for Sunken Valley for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Sunken Valley Walkthrough

  1. A Prayer Bead can be found in the area with a lot of Buddha statues. This is ahead as you jump to the next cliff using the grappling hook to go up the wall.
  2. Return to the Sculptor's Idol in the lower valley and go down the cliff.
  3. Go up the wall and continue to the part where the road separates.
  4. Head to the next cliff using the grappling hook and get the Gourd Seed above the wall on the left.
  5. Return to the way you came and follow the other path to access the Sculptor's Idol.

Sculptor's Idol:Sunken Valley〜

  1. Go down the cliff using the grappling hook and battle Snake Eyes Shirahagi. If you defeat him, you will get a Prayer Bead.
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  2. Climb the rock on the left and cross the bridge at the end of the wall.

    Run and escape, or use the Loaded Umbrella Prosthetic Tool which you can purchase from the Blackhat Badger.
    ▶︎Click here for more information on Blackhat Badger
  3. After crossing the bridge, climb the cliff on the left and move with the grappling hook.
  4. Proceed to the cave from the hole near the square and access the Sculptor's Idol.

Sunken Valley:Gun Fort〜

  1. If you go back further, you can battle the Long-arm Centipede to get a Prayer Bead.
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  2. Get the Prosthetic Tool Iron Fortress in front of the large Buddha Statue.
  3. Use the Gun Fort Company Key to open the door.
  4. You will drop to the area below the bridge with the White Serpent. Swim to the cave and access the Sculptor's Idol.

    While swimming, press ○ continuously to avoid the serpent's attacks.

Sculptor's Idol:Sunken Valley Passage〜

  1. Climb the cliff with the grappling hook.
  2. Aim for the Sculptor's Idol after you pass the group of monkeys.

    Just ignore the monkeys and proceed ahead.

Sculptor's Idol:Sunken Valley Passage〜

  1. Battle the Guardian Ape in the open area ahead.
  2. After defeating the Guardian Ape, you will obtain the Memory: Guardian Ape and the Prosthetic Tool Finger Whistle.

BOSS:Guardian Ape

1st Phase

  • The boss is quick and quite challenging.
  • Has a fart attack that can poison you.
  • Has a powerful grab Dangerous Attack that should be avoided by dodging.

2nd Phase

  • Will have increased attack range when it uses its sword.
  • Get away immediately when it uses its Area of Effect roar attack.
  • You will be given a good opportunity to attack it after it swings and slides.
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Sculptor's Idol:Guardian Ape Boss Area〜

  1. Access the Sculptor's Idol in the Guardian Ape's watering hole and get the Lotus of the Palace at the back.
  2. Talk to the Divine Heir and get Page's Diary.
  3. Talk to Emma and get the Immortal Severance Scrap.
  4. Proceed to the well found at the start of the game, Sculptor's Idol at Ashina Castle, and continue to the Abandoned Prison.
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How to Get the Dried Serpent Viscera

  1. There is a poisonous swamp when you jump down from the cliff near the Sculptor's Idol.
  2. Head to the cave on the right.
  3. Take the crooked path and go to the left.
  4. Go to the left of the wall and climb the cliff.
  5. Use the Shinobi Puppeteer Ninjutsu on the monkey there and use him to catch the Great Serpent's attention to enter the area.

    You can obtain the Ninjutsu after defeating the Folding Screen Monkeys.
  6. Proceed further and take the Dried Serpent Viscera.

※Usage of the item is currently being researched.


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