Sekiro - Ashina Castle Walkthrough

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A walkthrough for Ashina Castle in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Ashina Castle Walkthrough

1. Proceed to the Ashina Castle entrance and be ready to encounter the Blazing Bull mini-boss. After defeating the mini-boss, Sekiro will obtain a Prayer Bead and Shinobi Medicine Rank 2 Skill Scroll.

If the Blazing Bull starts to rush toward you, lead him near the wall before hitting him from behind}

Blazing Bull Mini-Boss Guide

2. After the boss fight, proceed to the castle gate. Use the Sculptor Idol encountered.

3. When you encounter a staircase, pull yourself toward the roof beside it.

4. Sneak slowly from the back and clear the stationed enemy soldiers.


Once you've cleared the area from enemy soldiers, you can finish the Fujioka NPC quest. You will obtain Nighjar Beacon Memo after completing the quest. The memo gives Sekiro a clue to follow the incense smoke heading to the rooftops.

5. You can see General Kuranosuke Matsumoto mini-boss from the top of Ashina Castle gate. Sekiro obtains a Prayer Bead after defeating the general.

Strike the mini-boss from the top to remove 1 deathblow market immediately before the boss battle starts.}

General Kuranosuke Matsumoto Mini-Boss Guide

6. Move back to the roof via grappling hook and proceed to the Upper Tower - Antechamber.


7. Enter the open room and obtain a Gourd Seed from the treasure chest nearby. Make sure to commune with the Sculptor's Idol nearby as well.


8. Eliminate enemy soldiers within the floor area.

9. Sneak toward the upper floor while eliminating enemy soldiers.


10. Enter an open ceiling and cross to the other side. Strike one of the enemy soldiers from above.

You have the option to clear the rest of the guards from the lower floors. After clearing them out, proceed up the stairs and receive Isshin's Letter.

11. There's a huge room from the left side that will lead you to another mini-boss. You can obtain another Prayer Bead if you successfully defeat the boss. Then, you can obtain a Hanging Scroll of an Old Battle.


The Mini-boss releases two consecutive slashes in one go. Move sideways instead and strike from behind.

Ashina Elite - Jinsuke Saze Mini-Boss Guide

12. When you cross to another tower, you will now encounter the main boss, Genichiro Ashina.

Make sure that you are already familiar with aerial deathblows when facing the boss

Genichiro Ashina Boss Guide

Boss Battle Video: Genichiro Ashina

1st HP Bar

  • Genichiro can use bow and arrows. You can still parry up to three shots.
  • Genichiro can also use jump attacks so move sideways instead of attempting to hit him back.
  • Continuously attack Genichiro's posture gauge either by parrying or blocking his strikes.

2nd HP Gauge

  • Be careful of engaging Genchiro haphazardly when there is a prompt of Danger.
  • At this stage, Genichiro will hit you with lightning attacks. To avoid them, leap while moving sideways.

13. After the boss battle, commune with the nearest Sculptor's Idol.

14. Approach Kuro, the Divine Heir, afterward.

Make sure to pick the right conversations choices with Kuro. Otherwise, you won't be able to engage the next main boss.

15. Move outside the window and look for Kuro, the Divine Heir. He is located in a building within a built-in shrine. Once you agree to his request, you'll able to acquire the Immortal Severance Text. Then, you are asked to accompany him to Isshin Ashina.

It is very important for you to have the Sakura Droplets obtained from Lady Butterfly

Locating the Blackhat Badger

16. Go outside of the large hall passing near Sculptor's Idol. Strike enemy guards from above with aerial deathblows.

17. Open the damaged door nearby to proceed via shortcut.

18. Also, open a treasure box encountered nearby to get Mist Raven Shinobi Prosthetic Tool Upgrade. Open the back door to continue outside.

19. Ignore the bridge for a while until you have communed with the Sculptor's Idol

20. Go inside the building with a hole in its roof. Use it for passage to the left. Don't forget to commune with another Sculptor's Idol.

You will be able to encounter a new merchant NPC here called Blackhat Badger.

Blackhat Badger NPC Information

Abandoned Prison Route 1

21. Save at the Sculptor's Idol and look for a bridge with two soldiers beside a cart.

22. You can acquire a Master Room Key once you eavesdrop on and eliminate the two guards on the bridge.

23. Once acquired, move toward the post office building leading to the dungeon.

Abandoned Dungeon Walkthrough

Abandoned Prison Route 2

24. Run toward the left side of the Sculptor's Idol and enter the building.

25. Proceed further inside and locate the nearest Sculptor's Idol.

26. Use the key to open a master room.

27. Sekiro will obtain a Post Office Key. Once you have the key, go back to Kuro. There will be an incoming mini-boss battle with Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi. Defeat the mini-boss to obtain an additional Prayer Bead.


Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi Mini-Boss Guide

28. You might also encounter another NPC named Jinzaemon Kumano after defeating the mini-boss.

Jinzaemon Kumano NPC Information

29. While proceeding through the area, you will encounter another mini-boss named Lone Shadow Longswordsman. After defeating the mini-boss, you can obtain Prayer Beads and a Scrap Magnetite.


Lone Shadow Longswordsman Mini-Boss Guide

30. The fog will disappear, allowing you to proceed to the Abandoned Dungeon.

How to get to the Sunkey Valley

31. Cross the bridge while passing to the nearest Sculptor Idol.


32. Go down the slope and commune with the Sculptor Idol near the white snake house decoration.


33. Proceed to the cliff with the Grappling Hook. Commune with the Sculptor Idols.

Sunkey Valley Walkthrough


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