Sekiro - Anayama The Peddler

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Information on Anayama The Peddler, a non-playable character in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

Anayama The Peddler NPC Information

Location Condition Information
Ashina Outskirts near the Outskirts Wall - Stairway Idol and Hirata Estate Appears at the start of the game Hand over coins to get inside information

Anayama The Peddler NPC Quests

  1. Talk to Anayama and give him 50 coins in exchange for Hirata Estate information.

  1. Talk to Anayama and give him 100 coins in exchange for Flame Vent information. If you acquired it prior to meeting Anayama, Sekiro will receive two Oil.
  2. Talk to Anayama and give him 100 coins in exchange for Flame Vent information. (Flame Barrel Memo)
  3. To upgrade his stock, you will be given a quest about "What the Ashina Samurai Want." Find the information by listening near the Old Grave Sculptor Idol. Give him salt.
  4. To upgrade his stock again, recommend that Kotaro help Anayama loot the battlefield. GiveKotaro a Red and White Pinwheel so that you can send him out.

Purchasable Items

  1. Talk to him again to be able to purchase items. Anayama upgrades his stock whenever you buy information.
Item NamePricePurchase Limit
50 Coins Paid
Pellet 50 2
Ceramic Shard 20 8
Fistful of ash 50 2
Light Coin Purse 110 5
Phantom Kunai 3000 1
For Salt Information
Gokan's Sugar 805
Yashariku's Sugar 130 2
Heavy Coin Purse 550 2
Black Gunpowder 150 None
Scrap Iron 150 None
Kotaro Recommendation
Ako's Sugar 120None
Scrap Magnette 300 4
Yellow Gunpowder 300 3
Lump of Fat Wax 300 3
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