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Sekiro - Hirata Estate Walkthrough

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A walkthrough for Hirata Estate in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Hirata Estate Walkthrough

  1. Examine the Sculptor's Idol in the mansion.
    Return to the Dilapidated Temple and talk to the Sculptor to get the Shinobi Esoteric Text.
    All Esoteric Text Locations
  2. Talk to the man sitting in front of the bridge to get information.
  3. Access the second Sculptor's Idol at the end of the bridge.You can get past the enemy on the bridge by going into the water and moving to the shore on the right.
  4. Go forward on the roof.You can obtain the Flame Vent Shinobi Prosthetic Tool from the bonfire along the way. The Chained Ogre will be encountered in Haruna Castle later and it is weak to fire, making the Flame Vent useful for the fight.
  5. Proceed ahead on the road to the left to access the shortcut door. You can get the Loaded Axe from the two soldiers to the left of the door.
  6. Proceed to the other side of the door and head to the bridge. A soldier with a shield will destroy it, so eliminate the soldier with a Shinobi Deathblow.
  7. Defeat Shinobi Hunter Enshin at the end of the bridge. Access the Sculptor's Idol and move on ahead.Engage Enshin after defeating the soldiers in the area. Aim for a Shinobi Deathblow using Mikiri Counter.
  8. After defeating the enemies, talk to the big man ahead as you climb the stairs to get the Hidden Sanctum Key.
  9. Climb the roof and move to the front of the cave using the grappling hook.
  10. Enter the cave and go to the ground by performing a continuous wall kick to release the Sculptor's Idol.
  11. There will be many enemies in the next area. Avoid them by going across the roof on the right.
  12. Go to the pond and talk to the man in front of the mansion to help him defeat Juzo the Drunkard. This will reward you with a Prayer Bead and Unrefined Sake.
    You can defeat Juzo smoothly if you strengthen your vitality and attack power before facing him.
  13. Proceed inside the house and access the Sculptor's Idol (Hirata Estate Corridor).
  14. Go straight and talk to the soldier leaning on the wall to get the Gourd Seed.
  15. Examine the tatami mat in the back to go underground. Use the Hidden Sanctum Key.
  16. A cutscene will play. Afterward, you will battle Lady Butterfly.
  17. After the battle, you will receive a Sakura Droplet and Battle Memory: Lady Butterfly. Another cutscene will play.

BOSS: Lady Butterfly

First Phase

  • Throw a shuriken at the boss and hide behind the pillars. Recover HP with the Healing Gourd when necessary.
  • Lady Butterfly can parry your attacks, so focus on guarding.
  • The boss' Dangerous Attacks come from the air and will take out about 70% of your HP if you get hit.

Second Phase

  • When the second phase begins, several enemies will be summoned by the boss. Use Whirlwind Slash to defeat them.
  • The summoned soldiers will turn into butterflies and attack from a distance.
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