Sekiro - Fountainhead Palace Walkthrough

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Sculptor's Idol: Fountainhead Palace

  1. Sculptor's Idol (Accessed from the Shrine)
  2. Battle with the Corrupted Monk on the bridge.

Sculptor's Idol: Sakura Bridge

  1. Go through the door and get off the rock on the cliff using the grappling hook.
  2. Enter the mansion and exit from the right side of the room at the end.
  3. Climb the roof of the gate outside and walk along the roof.
  4. Several enemies will be on the largest roof, but you can kill them stealthily from behind.
  5. When you come to the area surrounded by a fence, go along the wall towards the gate.
  6. Access the Sculptor's Idol at the gate of the Flooded Palace.

Sculptor's Idol: Flooded Palace

  1. Head inside the palace and proceed forward. Go out the left wall when the path gets a little wider.
  2. When you arrive at the courtyard, follow the first wall.
  3. Go to the back and follow the corridor.
  4. Make a right at the end and go through the door to access the Sculptor's Idol (Sakura Area)

Sculptor's Idol: Sakura Area

  1. When you cross the bridge, the Great Colored Carp will destroy it. Use the grappling hook on the Sakura tree on the right to cross.
  2. Get off the rock and go to the left side of the building on the left. Climb up the tree in front of the waterfall using the grappling hook.
  3. Use the grappling hook on the tree next to the waterfall on the left and go up.
  4. Go to the front and climb the stone steps behind the waterfall. You can climb up the Sakura trees in the middle of the waterfall using the grappling hook.You will find two enemies when you go up. Stealthily perform Shinobi Deathblows on them from behind.}
  5. After defeating the enemies, climb the stone steps behind the waterfall in the back. Climb up the Sakura tree in the middle of the waterfall using the grappling hook.
  6. Go down the stairs and proceed forward. There will be two enemies a little further along the way.
  7. There will be multiples enemies below, proceed along the fence while using Moon Shade to get to the Sculptor's Idol.

Sculptor's Idol: Great Sakura Tree

After accessing the Sculptor's Idol at the Great Sakura Tree, use the grappling hook on the giant tree in front of you to battle the Lightning Noble.


  • The Lightning Noble uses various lightning attacks.
  • It will close the distance by performing a thunder kick.
  • Avoid its lightning strike Dangerous Attack
  • It will close the distance if you are far away and perform an attack that is likely to break your posture.
  1. After defeating the Lightning Noble, you can head to the roof below the large Sakura tree to learn some advice from the lady and get to the next area.
  2. Go into the water from the roof near the white tree and swim toward the big stone.
  3. Swim inside the collapsed building.
  4. The Great Colored Carp is inside and will attack you if it notices you. To proceed, go into the building on the left. This will allow you to proceed down a dark path that prevents the Great Colored Carp from seeing you, indicated by the edges of the screen going dark}.
  5. Swim in the direction of the building on the opposite side.
  6. Swim to the end and get in through the hole in the collapsed building.
  7. You can exit the building in the path that rises up to the ground again.
  8. As you go up to the ground, climb the rock. Further up is a Sculptor's Idol (inside the palace) that you can access.

Sculptor's Idol: Inside the Palace

How to get to the Feeding Ground

  1. Head inside the building, then out to the roof using the grappling hook
  2. Follow the roof and jump down to the tree on the left.
  3. Jump down to the roof and head for the passage below using the grappling hook.
  4. Turn right in the aisle and head down to the feeding ground. Access the Sculptor's Idol there.

Feeding Ground

Talk to the caretaker and ring the bell. Give the Great Colored Carp the Truly Precious Bait.''

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