Sekiro - Headless Guardian Ape Boss Guide

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Boss guide for Headless Guardian Ape in Sekiro, including boss attack patterns and a strategy on defeating it.

Headless Guardian Ape

Number of HP Bars2
RewardMemory: Headless Ape
Prayer Bead×2
Bestowal Ninjutsu (if the Mortal Blade was used)
Area EncouteredAshina Depths


1st HP Bar

  • The Headless Guardian has almost the same attacks as the Guardian Ape (2nd Phase). Since the strategy is not too different, you can refer to the boss guide below.
Guardian Ape Boss Guide
  • The Headless Guardian Ape has a jump attack as one of its new moves. It is very powerful and should not be guarded. You can avoid it by moving away from the boss and then jumping at about the same time it lands.

↑The boss' high jump attack is extremely dangerous. Move away from the boss to dodge.

↑Take note of when it lands. Jump back to avoid damage.

  • After its jump attack, there a high chance that it will perform a downward slash. This will give you a chance to parry.

↑The timing of the parry is the same as when you fought the Guardian Ape last time.

↑Parrying the boss gives you a chance to do heavy damage afterwards.

2nd HP Bar

  • A brown Guardian Ape will appear to help the boss. You don't have to kill the brown one, though its HP is only about half that of the boss. The fight will be smoother if you take it out.

↑The battle will end if you kill the main boss, even without defeating the brown Guardian Ape.}}

  • Always have both enemies visible on your screen to avoid sneak attacks.

↑Maintain some distance during the fight.

  • The attack pattern of the brown Guardian Ape is almost the same as the one you defeated earlier, though it does not have any Dangerous Attacks. If you get too far from the enemies, they may perform jump attacks to close the distance. You can use the opportunity after the attack to damage them.

↑The fight requires you to take on two of them for a while. The image shows a chance to attack the brown Guardian Ape after it performs its attack. Firecrackers also allow you to take it out faster.

  • You can increase your attack power with Yashariku's Sugar and then pushing on the offense.
  • Shurikens are also effective at a distance to do a bit of damage to it from a distance.

↑You can reduce nearly a quarter of the brown Guardian Ape's HP if you hit it with around 15 shuriken.

  • The Headless Ape's attack patterns are the same as they were in its first phase. When you take out the brown Guardian Ape, fight the Headless Ape the same as you did during the previous phase.
  • If you manage to kill the Headless Guardian Ape using the Mortal Blade, you will be able to get the Guardian Ape Immortality Severed trophy and the Bestowal Ninjutsu.

Attack Pattern

'1st and 2nd HP Bars''
Blood Roar
After inhaling deeply, it will exhale a blast of blood. Will stack Terror on you if you are near.
Sweeping Slash
A sweeping attack from left to right. Jump to the left to avoid it.
Jump Attack
Jumps high, performing a sweeping attack upon landing.
Rapid Attacks and Downward SlashPerforms a series of attacks while constantly turning its body. It will end the attack by standing up and performing a heavy downward slash. If you successfully parry, you will have an opportunity to do heavy damage to it afterward.
Sliding AttackWhen you are a distance away, it will perform a sliding slash attack. Dodging to the left is recommended.
Continuous StrikesA series of normal slashes. Just guard, since it is quite difficult to parry.
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