Sekiro - Folding Screen Monkeys Boss Guide

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Information and strategy guide on the Folding Sreen Monkeys, a group of bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Folding Screen Monkeys

Number of HP Gauges1
RewardMemory: Screen Monkey
Area EncounteredSenpou Temple, Mt. Kongo


1st HP Gauge

  • Unlike other bosses in the game, this fight requires you to defeat enemies that are constantly escaping. Since it is difficult to chase them and defeat them normally, you'll need to know the characteristics of each monkey and use the terrain to catch them.
  • Whenever a monkey moves, it will leave behind footprints. The color of the footprints indicates which monkey moved. Seeing Monkey: Purple, Listening Monkey:Green, and Speaking Monkey: Red

↑The Listening Monkey leaves behind green footprints.

  • The Seeing Monkey has very sharp eyes and can notice you from far away before escaping. Open the door of the room with the fire and put it out. You can then kill it easily by guiding it towards you.

↑To catch the monkey, it is best to approach it opposite of where you intend to move.

  • The Listening Monkey has sharp hearing and can detect you by the sound of your footsteps before it escapes. You can temporarily deafen it by guiding it to the roof above with the bell through the back corridor and ringing the bell. Pursue it when it can't hear you and defeat it.
  • When it detects you, the Speaking Monkey will summon an illusion before running away. Since the Speaking Monkey is slower than the other monkeys', you will be able to catch it by using the shortcut.

↑It is easy to catch the monkey if you approach it from the opposite direction.

  • The last monkey will be behind you. You can hear it approaching from behind whenever you stop moving. You can defeat it by attacking to the rear. Stop for a while and repeatedly attack it behind you to eventually defeat it.

↑You can defeat the last monkey by stopping for about 30 seconds after defeating the first three.

Attack Pattern

1st HP Bar
Illusion (Speaking Monkey)The illusion will attack you as a decoy. It does little damage.
Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo Walkthrough

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