Sekiro - Divine Dragon Boss Guide

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Divine Dragon

Number of HP Bars2
RewardMemory: Divine Dragon
Divine Dragon's Tears
Area EncounteredFountainhead Palace


1st HP Bar

・The white trees do not attack much, though many other enemies appear in the boss area. Watch out for the big trees that come out of the ground to avoid taking damage.

↑ Observe the ground to see if the big trees are about to appear.

・You can get onto a big tree when it comes out in order to perform a falling Shinobi Deathblow. Avoid it as it sprouts from the ground to easily reach the second phase of the fight without taking any damage.

↑Get on top of the big tree and focus on diving Shinobi Deathblows.

↑When you successfully land a Shinobi Deathblow, the surrounding enemies will be swept away!

2nd HP Bar

・The Divine Dragon can perform a wide-range shockwave attack during the 2nd phase. It will combo more frequently the lower its HP falls. Be ready to jump or sidestep when the Divine Dragon is winding up its sword.

↑The vertical sword slash is performed three times at the start of the battle, so be ready to sidestep the attacks.

↑When the HP of the Divine Dragon falls very low, it will perform a six-hit sword combo that does high damage. Be extra careful during the closing stages of the fight.

↑The strikes in the combo go horizontal, horizontal, vertical, vertical, and vertical. The interval between each slash is very short so knowing the pattern to dodge each hit is important, especially during the horizontal slashes that you must jump over to avoid.}

・The big trees that come out during the second phase of the battle are key to victory. Climb to the top of a tree when it glows. You will be able to hurl lightning after jumping off with the R1 button. Be warned that jumping off a tree without attacking will cause you to take damage from the lightning.

↑Climb up and jump off a tree when you see it surrounded by lightning.

↑As you jump off automatically after climbing, press the attack button to hurl lightning to the boss. This is the only way to damage the Divine Dragon during the last phase of the battle.

・When its Posture is broken, run to Divine Dragon's face and perform a Shinobi Deathblow to finish it off. You can use its sword to walk up to it.

↑The Divine Dragon will collapse, allowing you to approach its face.

Attack Pattern

2nd HP Bar
Vertical Sword ShockwaveSlashes 3 to 4 times, sending out a shockwave after each slash.
Hoirzontal Sword ShockwaveSlashes to the left and right, sending out a shockwave after each slash.
Six-Hit Slash Combo Slashes in a vertical-horizontal-horizontal-vertical-vertical-vertical pattern, sending out shockwaves after each slash.

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